Full accreditation for RGSL programmes

On 29 May and 12 June 2013, RGSL obtained full accreditation for all current study programmes, including also the new PhD programme. The accreditation was granted the maximum duration, which is 6 years, and the next accreditation will take place in 2019.

Under the new system for accreditation in Latvia, the programmes are accredited as part of a study direction. For the BA programme in Law & Diplomacy, the study direction is Political Science, but as the curriculum has a strong element of law, the graduates may later be admitted to the 2-year Masters programmes in law at RGSL.

The remaining programmes, the study direction is Law. This includes the LL.B in Law & Business and the LL.M programmes in International & European Law, Law & Finance, Legal Linguistics, Public International Law & Human Rights, Transborder Commercial Law, European Union Law & Policy, as well as the new PhD programme.

The application procedure for the study year 2013./2014 at RGSL remains open and the deadline for the applications is 1 July 2013. Later applications may be submitted for any remaining places, and a special procedure applies for the PhD programme.

12 Jun 2013