Tuition-free study places for foreign students

Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) offers tuition fee waivers to foreign students on the Bachelor and Masters programmes for the academic year 2014/2015. RGSL strives to make their programmes more accessible to students from Europe and all over the world, and encourages students to enrol in the university that offers a highly respected international law education.

In order to apply for a scholarship which shall cover tuition fee for one academic year, the candidate must submit application documents and a letter of motivation concerning the opportunity to receive this scholarship. The RGSL Tuition Fee Waivers Committee shall review all applications, taking into consideration the applicant’s academic performance (overall average grade) and compliance with admission requirements according to the Rules of Admission and Study Agreement. Only those students, who are not currently registered as residents of Latvia, are considered as foreign students and eligible for a study place tuition waiver. The commission may take into account geographical criteria when considering tuition fee waivers.

In the next academic year RGSL will offer one free study place in each Bachelor programme – “Law and Diplomacy” and “Law and Business”, and one spot in the Masters programmes – “Law and Finance”, “Legal Linguistics” and “International and European Law” (and its sub-programmes).

The deadline for the free study place application submission is 17 March 2014. Apply online:

RGSL is an internationally recognized law school, teaching Law, Diplomacy, Business, Finance and Legal Linguistics studies in English for Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral programmes.

Every year RGSL admits over 50 foreign students coming from more than 20 different countries. Each semester, the foreign student number expands, as students participate in the international student exchange programme Erasmus. This year RGSL is working with students from the Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Croatia, Denmark, Eritrea, Estonia, France, Germany, Georgia, Indonesia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United States Of America, Uzbekistan and Zambia. Faculty members of the RGSL contributes to our international atmosphere as well – academics and established professionals from all over the world arrive at RGSL, ensuring rich discussions on the Legal and Business framework, as well as its application in different regions of the world.

Additionally all prospective students can participate in the Early Admission Lottery – a chance to win a tuition fee waiver for one academic year by applying for studies before 17 March. Find out more about the Early Admission Lottery

RGSL offers free study places to outstanding local secondary school graduates for the academic year 2014/2015. Find out more about the Excellence Award for Outstanding Local Applicant

17 Jan 2014